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Take the High-Velocity Selling Challenge

If you're in a highly-competitive market, yet your product isn't all that different, what should you be obsessing about?

Jill Konrath - a globally recognized sales expert and bestselling author - interviewed five top-tier sales leaders to find out how they consistently outperform.

In this eBook you'll learn their secrets to:

  • Feeding the lead machine
  • Hiring and onboarding the right personnel
  • Differentiating when competition is fierce
  • Maintaining motivation in a burnout job
  • Optimizing sales productivity
Featured Speakers
Jill Konrath
A globally recognized sales acceleration expert and bestselling author of More Sales Less Time, Agile Selling, Selling to Big Companies and SNAP Selling. Her expertise has been featured by ABC News, Fortune, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, Fox News, NY Times, and many more.

Velocify by Ellie MaeĀ® provides a sales acceleration software platform that helps high-velocity sales teams turn more prospects into customers.

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